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MWS Verifications and Investigations is a second generation pre-employment screening and compliance company located in the heart of Appalachia Ohio.

Founder, Mark W. had over 30 years of investigations, compliance, and screening services from Florida to New Jersey, and finally to Ohio. He founded MWS, Inc. and focused on pre-employment screening and compliance. After his passing, his daughter and son-in-law, who also worked in pre-employment screening and compliance, took the business further to include Private Investigations as a service and created the new business MWS Verification Services LLC.  

The business has blossomed to include experienced researchers and an investigator, each of whom follow a strict best practice process to obtain, review, verify, and report screenings and analysis findings. We perform verification's for a large corporation in the security industry, and recently branched out to include the medical and trucking industry, as well as small companies.  

* Pre-employment screening

* Employment and Education verification

* Reference interviews

* Criminal background screening

* Investigations for personal and business which include:

  ~ Tracking, monitoring, reporting, divorce proceeding investigation, BWC, Domestic, and insurance investigations. 

Coming soon: SS Trace validations.

Contact us for package prices or a la carte fees. 


Services and Benefits

Pre-Employment Screening

* Qualified hire

* Reduce negligence hiring

* Reduced turn-over

* Validation of pre-requisite educational requirements.

* Character Analysis 

* Lessen the risk of workplace violence

* Reduce absenteeism

* Increased compliance with regulations, policy, and workplace safety

Private Investigations (P.I.)

* Investigations of insurance monitoring

* Deliver summons or subpoenas

* Tracking unpaid debt

* Surveillance and reporting

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